How do I add a profile/avatar image to my Playary artist profile?

The profile or avatar image is used to pair your artist with your profile on Playary. Using an easy-to-recognize profile image is an efficient way to unify your artist’s presence on the platform.

Please consider these guidelines when choosing a profile/avatar image:

  • Accepted file formats are .jpeg and .png
  • Image size at least 1600x1600px
  • File size can not exceed 5MB
  • Show your face in the center
  • Can not contain any infringing or offensive materials
  • Can not contain brand advertising
  • Can not promote your upcoming tour or album release

Add or update your profile image

  • Log in to Playary for Artists
  • Go to Profile and click to Profil Picture on left sidebar
  • Select header image and click to Upload button

Article updated at 7/19/2023.

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