How can I embed any podcast on my website?

To obtain the embed code for any podcast or episode published on Playary, go to the Playary web app or open the Playary desktop application on your computer.

Click on the 'Podcasts' link in the left menu.

Right-click on the podcast or episode image you want to share, or hover over the image with your mouse and click on the three dots that appear.

From the menu that opens, click on 'Share -> Embed Podcast to Your Website' or 'Embed Episode to Your Website' button.

When you click on the button, you will see how the sharing tool will appear in the opened window. Click the 'Copy Code' button to copy the embed code, and then paste the copied code into the content of your website where you want it to appear.

Note: The sharing feature can only be done through the Playary web application and desktop applications.

Article updated at 7/19/2023.

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